Litter Prevention in Multi-Family Buildings

mfd litter kit websiteMulti-family dwellings (MFDs) often have particularly high litter rates, making them a key source of contamination. However, outreach can be very effective in reducing littering behavior.

The Clean Water Program conducted a series of pilots in the City of Livermore in the spring of 2014, and developed a set of best practices, see MFD Litter Reduction Pilot Report linked below. Based on these learnings, the Program also put together a campaign kit so municipalities and other entities can design and implement MFD outreach campaigns. You can view and/or download the MFD Litter Reduction Campaign Manual and all related files on this page.

MFD Litter Reduction Pilot Report (PDF, 3.6MB)
This document provides background and detailed results from the 2014 pilot projects on which the MFD Litter Reduction Manual is based.

MFD Litter Reduction Campaign Manual (PDF, 1.2MB)
This document outlines the campaign, describes the campaign elements and provides guidance for implementation.

Campaign Elements
Please refer to the manual linked above for use of these elements.
Note: Various file formats are provided for some campaign element. Please refer to the manual to select the file format most appropriate for your purpose.

1. Letter to Property Manager
CWP-MFD-Litter-PropMgr-Letter.docx (MS Word, 108k)

2. Campaign Logo
CWP-Litterlogo-Generic.indd (zip file, 600k)
CWP-Litterlogo-Generic.pdf (PDF, 163k)
CWP-Litterlogo-Generic.jpg (JPG, 76k)

3. Outdoor Signage
CWP-MFD-Litter-Signage-generic.indd (zip file, 1.1MB)
CWP-MFD-Litter-Signage-generic.jpg (JPG, 75k)
CWP-MFD-Litter-Signage-generic.pdf (PDF, 166k)

CWP-MFD-Litter-Signage-template.indd (zip file, 2.1MB)
CWP-MFD-Litter-Signage-template.jpg (JPG, 80k)
CWP-MFD-Litter-Signage-template.pdf (PDF, 214k)

4. Posters
CWP-MFD-Poster-Generic.indd (zip file, 60MB)
CWP-MFD-Poster-Generic.jpg (JPG, 82k)
CWP-MFD-Poster-Generic.pdf (PDF, 698k)

CWP-MFD-Poster-Template.indd (zip file, 60MB)
CWP-MFD-Poster-Template.jpg (JPG, 86k)
CWP-MFD-Poster-Template.pdf (PDF, 742k)

5. Pledge Posters
CWP-MFD-Litter-Pledge-Generic.indd (zip file, 1MB)
CWP-MFD-Litter-Pledge-Generic.jpg (JPG, 94k)
CWP-MFD-Litter-Pledge-Generic.pdf (PDF, 143k)

CWP-MFD-Litter-Pledge-Template.indd (zip file, 1.8MB)
CWP-MFD-Litter-Pledge-Template.jpg (JPG, 91k)
CWP-MFD-Litter-Pledge-Template.pdf (PDF, 81k)

6. Newsletter Content
Tenant-newsletter-1.doc (MS Word, 102k)
Tenant-newsletter-2.doc (MS Word, 100k)
Tenant-newsletter-3.doc (MS Word, 80k)