Free Programs

The Clean Water Program contract with excellent environmental education organizations to provide free programs to schools within Alameda County. Listed below are the providers selected for school year 2014/15 and summaries of their programs.

Storm Drain Rangers: The Storm Drain Rangers Program educates 3rd through 5th grade students in Alameda county about reducing storm water pollution. Through hands-on investigations, students learn about watersheds, neighborhood-creek-bay-ocean connections, urban runoff pollution and storm water pollution prevention. The Storm Drain Rangers Program consists of three classroom lessons in which students are taught environmental concepts that address California State Science and Social Science Standards. Hands-on activities include creating a clay model of the Bay-Delta Estuary ecosystem, conducting a neighborhood storm drain pollution survey and clean-up, and creating colorful informational posters to teach others about storm drain pollution.

Caterpillar Puppets: Your K-3 students loved Froggy’s earlier adventures in Froggy to the Rescue, Froggy Takes a Vacation and last year’s Froggy Talk Radio. His campaign to keep Alameda County’s water nice and clean continues in The Froggy Report.

kids class 01The Clean Water Program’s free school programs help young people understand and appreciate their connection to water and inspire a sense of stewardship
Stream Life
This series of three water education programs for 4th and 5th grade is presented by Livermore Area Park and Recreation District rangers (Program available only in Livermore, Pleasanton, and Dublin). 1) Water Flows: a look at watersheds: Where does water come from and where does it go? During this program we'll turn students into mountain ranges to illustrate what a watershed is. Slides and maps will also help your class discover how they are connected to their lo¬cal watershed. 2) Stream Life I: A program to prepare students for a field trip to a local creek. We'll take a look at stream life and adaptations of animals that live in fresh water aquatic environments. Students will also explore how the quality of water affects these animals and how this makes these creatures good indicators of water quality. 3) Stream Life II: Students will have the opportunity to explore a local stream. They will have hands-on experience assessing stream health by testing water and catching and recording numbers of aquatic animals.

The number of programs offered is limited, and slots are allocated by area on a first come first served basis. If you would like to sign up for a program for school year 2013/2014, Please contact the provider or contact us.