The Clean Water Program's monitoring is directed by management questions such as:

  • Is urban runoff a significant contributor of pollution?
  • Are our creeks healthy?
  • How can we restore creeks?
  • Are program actions making a difference?
  • Is it safe to play in the creeks?

Starting in 1989, water quality monitoring in creeks and storm drains helped the program focus its best management practices and public education. In the late 1990s the program began assessing watershed conditions through biological monitoring and stream surveys (BAMBI). We also worked on special studies to identify problem pesticides in creeks and test effectiveness of Best Management Practices.

Since 2000 the Clean Water Program and other bay area stormwater managers have increased efforts to find and address sources of Pollutants of Concern. Under the Municipal Regional Permit, the program will collaborate with other bay area counties in a comprehensive monitoring program starting in fall 2011.

The program also participates in the Regional Monitoring Program for Water Quality in the San Francisco Estuary. The RMP performs regular Status and Trends monitoring throughout the Bay, and also sponsors special studies to strategically address specific water quality problems and information gaps.

Monitoring and Assessment Data

CWP Water Quality data 1989-1995: Request

Annual Monitoring and Assessment data summaries 1996-2009 Request

RMP online database tool

My Water Quality: California water quality monitoring data and assessment information.

Technical Reports

Initial Characterization of PCB, Mercury, and PAH Contamination in the Drainages of Western Alameda County, CA (sediment)

2000-01 Alameda County Watershed Sediment Sampling Program: Two-Year Summary and Analysis

Analysis of 2000-01 Source Investigations in Ettie Street Pump Station and Glen Echo Creek Watersheds, Oakland, California (sediment)

Diazinon in Surface Waters in the San Francisco Bay Area

Castro Valley Creek Water Quality Monitoring 2003-2004 (copper study for the Brake Pad Partnership)

Older CWP reports can be obtained as hard copies, or provided in scanned PDF format. Older Reports List Request.

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